Pekehund Dedicated and Loving

Pekehund Dedicated and Loving

The Pekehund is also known as a Pekeashund, Dachanese and Pekeweenie. He is a mixed breed or cross of the Dachshund and the Pekingese. It is a small to medium sized dog with a life span of 12 to 15 years. He is a very dedicated dog and is very loving and affectionate. He may also sometimes just be referred to as a Dachshund/Pekingese Mix.

The Pekehund is one of hundreds of now called designer dogs. A designer dog is a dog that is the first generation offspring of usually two purebred dogs that have been purposely crossed. Nowadays often these names are being used for mutts of accidental breeding too though technically it is not accurate. Those who are pro designer dogs feel there is a big difference between a good breeder breeding two dogs together and an accidental coupling. The problem is that not all are bred by good breeders. There are a lot of people jumping on the money making machine and churning out puppies with no care or thought at all. So take care where you buy from if the Pekehund really is the dog you want. As there are no specific details for where and why it was first bred here is a look at the parents to get an idea of its history.

The Dachshund is a German bred dog where he was used to hunt badgers and other den animals like foxes. In packs he also would hunt larger animals. He comes from around the 15th century and back then he varied in size depending on his purpose. Over many years he was altered to create a dog who was fearless and elongated so he could dig into burrows. During the 1800s he also started to be bred to be a companion not just a hunter, particularly in England. At the end of the 19th century he arrived in America.

The Dachshund is a bold dog still and is lively and intelligent. He can be too bold sometimes and is also quite stubborn. They like to cuddle when not trying to get his own way. Some can be shy but that is a sign of a poor line.

The Pekingese is a Chinese breed thought to be at least 2000 years old. He has a lovely story behind his origins. A lion and a marmoset fell in love and the lion asked Buddha to make him smaller so they could be together but to still leave him with a brave lion heart and big character. Buddha agreed and from the two came the Fu Lin or Lion dogs! The Pekingese was named after the Chinese capital which was then called Peking. They were never to leave the palace but in 1860 during the Opium war with the British they became prized and brought back to England. At first they were rare but they became very popular and that spread to the US at the start of the 20th century.

He is a brave and confident little dog with a strong stubborn streak! He still has a dignity about him and obviously believes he was worth all of that devotion and still is. He is protective and loyal and will need firm but positive training methods. The trick to getting him to do what you want is to make him think it is what he wanted all along!

The Pekehund is a very sweet and loving dog who has a cheerful disposition and is dedicated and loyal. He is intelligent and can be protective. His antics can be funny and while he is friendly he usually does not like strangers and needs some time to warm up to them. He loves to cuddle with you and nap on your lap. He is not a small yappy dog, in fact his bark sounds more like a bigger dog’s bark. Usually he is calm but he can be energetic and playful and he has his moments of fun and games. He is a good dog for families, couples or singles of any age.

He is a small to medium sized dog weighing 12 to 15 pounds and standing 8 to 10 inches tall. He tends to have a long muscular body on short legs with the look of the Dachshund. He can have several coats depending on what coat his Dachshund parent had and which parent he takes after, from short to long, wiry to soft. Typical colors are brown, cream, black, white and tan. He has a black nose, brown large round eyes, floppy long ears, rolls of skin at the neck and a tail that curls so the tip can touch the back.

The Pekehund is a fairly active dog but his size means he is well suited to apartment living and while a yard is a great bonus it is not a requirement. He will need a couple of walks a day though still and he does enjoy exploring scents and climbing. While he can be energetic he also tires quite quickly so outings will not have to be too long. He would benefit and enjoy trips to somewhere like a dog park where he socialize, be safe off leash and play with you.

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